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Savatech sheave liners combine state of the art preparation of semi-finished products and press curing technology.

  • Savatech liners are distinguished for the following features:
  • Preparation of semi-finished products for ideally oriented polymer chains and product uniformity.
  • Low deformations in the initial curing phase for superior product uniformity.
  • Press curing technology to eliminate the possibility of flaws in the product, e.g. porosity, and on its surface.
  • No extra surface finishing is required after curing.
  • Perfectly smooth product.

Savatech liners are entirely made from new materials.
A special compound for this application was developed in our in-house laboratory. This compound is noted for its extreme abrasion resistance, high flexibility and low heat build-up during operation, and is suitable for use in all temperature conditions. Furthermore, the compound is classified as antistatic and ensures the discharge of static.

A wide range of ring dimensions and groove shapes is available to meet the requirements of various applications and purposes with regard to the type of facility (chair skilifts, all kind of ropeways like reversible, bicable, gondola, surface lifts, etc.).

As Savatech sheave liners are suitable for use in all types of ropeway facilities, we offer custom-made dimensions and designs.



Tyres in ropeway stations are exposed to specific loads that are stressing tyres. Advantages of our special designed tyres in comparison to the standard designs are:

  • Tread design B19 - longitudinal grooves – direction of rotation = direction of force → lower wear.
  • Tyre tread profile with bigger radius – bigger contact area
    - better grip →smaller specific pressure on tread surface
    - reduced wear.
  • Special developed tread compound – provide low abrasion, needed grip, low heat build-up and is high ageing resistant.

Warranty conditions for rubber sheave liners

Unless state differently in General sales conditions MOTO, available at GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS & WARRANTY CONDITIONS. Savatech guarantees a minimum of 30.000 km of running or sheave liners under conditions specified by the ropeway manufacturer. The warranty is valid for 18 months after the liner operation start and no longer than 2 years from the date of invoice. Installation of sheave liner older than 2 years is the sole responsibility of the installation operator.


User's instructions for sheave liners


User's instructions for Rubber Sheave Liners

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