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Wig-Wag loading system means that endless sheet of compound, which is cut in strips of width 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, is loaded on a plastic EURO palette. The sheet or strips can be thick between 6 and 9 mm, depending on the material as well as arrangement made with a customer. The loading capacity of a palette amounts from 1 package to 750 kg of compounds. Compounds are emulsion-sprayed to prevent individual strips from sticking together. A Wig-Wag delivery is suitable for compounds which will be processed through injection extruding, extruding or calendering.

Endless strip in a cardboard box

Those compounds, which are manufactured on a two-roll mill and in smaller quantities of up to 1,000 kg are shaped in endless strips. The strips of compound are emulsion-sprayed and folded in a cardboard box. Strips are thick from 5 to 8 mm and wide from 40 to 100 mm. The compounds that are shaped in endless strips are suitable for applications which require a high level of cleanliness or special dimensions of strips.

Reels of calendered sheets

Calendered compound sheets are delivered wrapped around a reel, compound layers being separated with a PE-foil. Sheets are thick from 0.8 to 6 mm, and wide from 150 to 1000 mm. Reels with compounds are suitable for standard pressing or composing as they are not emulsion-sprayed.

Cut calendered sheets

The cut calendered sheets are delivered in thickness from 0.8 to 6mm, 700 mm wide, and 1,200mm long. The cut calendered sheets are loaded on EURO palettes and separated with a foil. The palette capacity is from 1 package to 750 kg of compounds. They are not emulsion-sprayed and are, therefore, suitable for application in technologies where material is not re-blended.


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