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Referenčne zmesi   Referenčne zmesi   Referenčne zmesi
Test samples of compounds for vulcametric tests   Test tubes for tensile tests   Test samples for abrasion tests


In the rubber industry, the RM1 reference material may be used for the implementation of numerous aspects of measurement quality: the validation of methods, calibration, estimation of measurement uncertainty, training/education and internal quality control, external proficiency testing.

RM1 may be used for the quoted purposes both in rubber laboratories (to ensure a quality compound and for development purposes), and in the manufacturing process for checking the operation of controlling (measuring) apparatus.

Below we are illustrating the use of the RM1 reference material in our laboratory:
  • Internal quality control for various instruments (Vulcameters, Mooney viscosity meters, dynamometer, hardness tester, abrasion tester, thermo-gravimetric analyser TGA)
  • Verifying various rubber test methods
  • Inter-laboratory comparison organised by our laboratory (measurements are carried out with RM1 too).

The Central Laboratory can also supply vulcanisates for various tests such as tensile, abrasion resistance, hardness, density, compression set tests etc.

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